Introducing the company

The T-T Ablak Kft. was established in 1998 December. It is a 100 percent Hungarian owned private company. The target of setting up the company and its main activity is to produce and sell plastic doors and windows. Nearly 10 years professional experience preceded the establishment of the company.

On the premises in Pécs the production began in 1999 March with appropriate production-preparation experience and experts with technical qualification. As a result of careful preparation activity another office and showroom were open in Kaposvár. In the beginning the staff had 7 people, and now in 2007 it has grown to 40.

T-T Ablak Kft. got the basically needed Construction Technical Certificate to produce quality products, then ISO 9001:2000 quality controlling system was worked out and introduced. Producing quality products is the main target of the company management.
In 2006 T-T Ablak Kft. introduced environmental management system, which is in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 standard.
The continoushy growing demand required the further development of the company to the extention of the production area and mashine park were carried out.

By now we have one of the most modern and best equipped mashine park with western production technology and materials. Thanks to continous development the T-T Ablak Kft. achieved to become the most influential doors and windows producting company with quality products and excellent showrooms in Budapest, Dombóvár, Kaposvár and Pécs.

The T-T Ablak Kft. is dynamically developing company which is presented by permanent developments and increase in orders and income. They are proved with plenty of reference work in the area of both huge investments and private constructions.

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