We fix both the T-T EURO and INOUTIC systems with an ironwork system closing at more places. You can find the products of the German market leader ironing manufacturer ROTO in our windows and doors.

The features of the ironwork system:
  • ROTOSIL - unique high-alloy steellike surface
  • Extremely narrow hinge and corner bearing
  • Firm, reliable fixing - every bolt hold on to a metal insertion
  • Hidden ironing system
  • Safety ironing solutions - defence against burglary
  • Wrong operation impeder
  • Special ironwork surface maintainance
  • Better surface quality, required defence against corrosion
  • 10 years guarantee
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The windows and doors are the main targets of burglars who want to get into the house. Safety against burglary has always been one of our most important aims, which is accomplished in highly constructive safety.

Our hopper-opening system provides high safety even in basic version. At the bottom edge of the wing there is a fixing catch with a knob which closes in a hopper bearing.

Roto NT can be operated comfortably and enables to apply electronic control and safety elements.

Fixing catch

Setting, fixing and safety are in only one element. All of the three variations can be characterised with optimised movement and easy setting. The same screw position enables to change the standard closing elements into safety closing elements in a simple and quick way
( in case of 13 mm ironwork system in the middle).
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One of the examples of comprehensive comfort elements is the draught assurance integrated at the scissors. It keeps the window in a hopper position. The window shut by draught will not cause any more harm. Besides this the hopper slit can be set to 80 mm and 140 mm..

Window handle that can be closed

It prevents the ironwork from being moved from outside. It is an advantageous accessory in all safety classes.

It suits all of the three safety classes.

The actual safety standard DIN V ENV 1627-1630 has new requirements for ironwork.

The Roto NT meets these requirements in all of the three safety classes.
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Wrong operation impederó

The wing always remains at the same level with the help of the wing stabiliser preventing the side of the wing at the handle from hanging down. Besides this it prevents the window from operating in a wrong way. All of these guarantee the constant operating safety of the ironwork.


To bearings of wooden and plastic windows well-shaped coverers are avaible.

Spit ventilator

The newly established slit ventilator of Roto consists of only one case elements, which can be fixed anytime. There is no need to change the parts of the wings requiring a lot of work, the slit ventilator should be fixed simply next to the closing part of the window position relay.


If you consider appearance important you cannot neglect this elegant surface. We can see shiny ironwork anywhere, to the contrary, RotoSil perfectly adjusted to Roto NT high tech appearance with its matt-silver colours. RotoSil can reach special colour effect and the products can be presented in exclusive forms. This quality characterises not only the surface but long life expectancy is also remarkable. This is a service that can be provided solely by a market leader.

Multilateral applying possibilities.

Thanks to the comprehensive accessories it can live up to all demands. It can be special safety requirements or particular operating comfort, the highly standardized system can meet all requirements being complemented with some elements that can be fixed in a simple way.

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